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Digital Marketing Strategies For Startups In 2020

Digitization has strengthened its footholds lately in the service sector but the practical changes are yet to come. Since the transformation in companies’ remained largely marginal, the rate of growth reflected similar phenomena. The application of latest and effective software to revolutionize their infrastructure, startup companies are aiming for real growth in their work in 2020.

Here, I make an attempt to illuminate a few digital marketing strategies that would enable the startup companies who have recently adopted cloud based CMS and CRM solutions to experience the real growth in their sector.

1. Content Marketing

In this time of digitalization the main focus of startup companies should focus on improving their digital marketing strategies to grow in this 2020.

Beginning with Content marketing, in order to undergo real growth the main area of focus should remain customer experience(CX) in order to maximize the level of customer satisfaction.

Most of the Startups operate through knowledge generation in form of blogs but such blogs cater to content production without taking into account the importance of data in content production. Therefore, one must work towards blogs that are data driven through employment of several tools that enable the company to understand the nature of the market’s requirement, for eg., the effective use of keywords would enable the company to identify the search traffic and will make them capable of engaging with effective strategies.

2. Inbound Marketing/SEO

Inbound Marketing/SEO

An effective content marketing would enable the company to strengthen its inbound marketing/SEO campaigns. Thorough knowledge of keywords would enhance ranking of the company, but it needs deeper research, for instance, long tail keywords should be used along with data driven content if the company holds a competitive position in the market. But the need of an SEO expert arise in most of the cases to get the best for your business.

But the main trick is to balance the SEO content techniques in order to balance the user experience. Your SEO content is suggestive to avoid the forceful use of keywords as it negatively impacts the inbound marketing. Therefore, a company must strive for thoughtful and resourceful content that is explicable of itself.

3. Social Media Marketing

This leads us to the wide target zone, i.e., Social media marketing, to expand the audience for the product and to get hold of the best leads for the company. One of the most efficient ways in this remains Facebook marketing funnels. Since it is the least expensive in comparison to Linkedin and Twitter, over 60 percent of startup marketers plan to seek an audience through this platform, as per a 2016 report.

After identifying the target zone, the company can proceed with creating their profile on Facebook Ad Manager, setting remarketing pixels, or can hire social media expert. Following which a company targets the website visitors and similar audiences to expand the approach of their influence, which will ultimately maximize ROI. Depending on their marketing objectives, a company can create campaigns such as:

  • Drive traffic
  • Generate leads
  • Increase engagement
  • Install apps
  • Increase sales
  • Get video views

Some other options available on you ad manager dashboard includes:

  • Type of ads (photo ads, video ads, slideshow ads, collection ads, etc)
  • Campaign objective
  • Type of audience targeting (Facebook connections, Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences)
  • Budget
  • Scheduling

4. Responsive Web Design, HTTPS, AMP

Responsive web design, HTTPS, AMP is next in line of our discourse here. It helps to strengthen the customer experience. These all the things are done to enhance the user experience and convenience.

Responsive web design makes the core of customer experience, as an influencing and mobile responsive site attracts the customer to your product and a shady and unfriendly design defeats the positive audience response.

Https, This HTTPS has now become a main factor in the ranking in search engines this helps to drive more organic traffic. Some of the browsers show a “not secure” warning to the website without SSL Which Increases the bounce rate. HTTPS has now become the crux of data security and thereby is a ranking factor.

Amp In this time of fast internet a slow page load can affect the user experience. This AMP ( Accelerated Mobile Presence) makes pages effectively responsive even in slow network zones.

Inbound Marketing/SEO

5. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a point of communication for companies with customers and leads. In order to create a better relation of customers with the business one needs to enhance this point of contact. Slow responses such as a sluggish reordering process from business minimize the customer satisfaction.

Automation helps resolve such issues by stimulating communications, offering helpful links, and tying in customized past ordering data for individual customers. This is like how much you upgrade yourself according to what customer is focused.

Some Buyers want the following:
  • Easier communications
  • Hassle-free reordering process
  • Help with product comparison

6. Email Marketing

In order to strengthen your marketing strategy email marketing is one of the best methods. Email marketing augments the power of content marketing through carefully selected content targeting segmented buyers at specific points along with the buying decision timeline. One can even redirect leads back to their website through carefully planned email campaigns that include fragments from blog posts on their website that concerns the moment.

In closing, I would like to urge the startup to undertake the above mentioned strategies in order to expand prospects of their business

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